Does DCS Support Cross-VPC Access?

Cross-VPC means the client and the instance are not in the same VPC.

Generally, VPCs are isolated from each other and ECSs cannot access DCS instances that belong to a different VPC from these ECSs.

However, by establishing VPC peering connections between VPCs, ECSs can access single-node and master/standby DCS instances across VPCs.

When using VPC peering connections to access DCS instances across VPCs, adhere to the rules listed in the following table.

Table 1 Client CIDR block constraints

CIDR Blocks of DCS Instances

CIDR Blocks Not Allowed for Clients to to to

For more information about VPC peering connection, see "VPC Peering Connection" in the Virtual Private Cloud User Guide.


Cluster DCS Redis instances do not support cross-VPC access. ECSs in a VPC cannot access cluster DCS instances in another VPC by using VPC peering connections.