Comparisons Between ECSs in Resource Pools and ECSs on DeHs

ECSs in resource pools and ECSs on DeHs have almost the same functions except those listed in Table 1.

Table 1 Comparisons between ECSs in resource pools and ECSs on DeHs


Resource Pool ECS


Billing items

The total price is determined by the ECS type, specifications (including vCPUs and memory), usage duration, and the number of purchased ECSs.

No additional fees are needed for ECSs on your DeHs.

The compute resources used by ECSs on DeHs are free.

ECS flavors

Multiple ECS types are supported. For details, see the Elastic Cloud Server User Guide.

The ECSs running on DeHs vary.

Auto recovery



The ECS supports automatic failover. If the physical server accommodating the ECS becomes faulty, the ECS can be automatically migrated to a properly running physical server, ensuring service continuity.



If a DeH becomes faulty, the system will select a server from the unprovisioned servers to replace the faulty DeH and automatically migrate the ECSs deployed on the faulty DeH to the new DeH, ensuring high service availability.