Application Scenarios

  • Industries that have high requirements for regulation compliance and security

    You can exclusively use a physically isolated host to meet your high compliance and security requirements.

  • Tenants that use the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) mode

    If you have a licensed OS or software (licensed based on the number of physical sockets or the number of physical cores), you can bring your own license and migrate your services to the cloud platform.

  • Industries that are extremely sensitive to performance and stability

    DeH is ideal for service scenarios with higher requirements on server performance and stability such as finance, securities and gaming applications. DeH guarantees the stability of CPUs and network I/O, ensuring smooth running of applications.

  • Independent resource deployment and flexible management

    You can create ECSs on a specified DeH and specify your ECS specifications based on the type of DeH you specified. You can migrate ECSs between DeHs or migrate ECSs from public resource pool to a DeH.