Allocating DeHs


You will allocate a DeH for the first time or allocate more DeHs as required.


  1. Log in to the management console.

  2. Click image1 in the upper left corner and select the desired region and project.

  3. Under Computing, click Dedicated Host.

    The Dedicated Host page is displayed.

  4. Click Allocate DeH.

    The Allocate DeH page is displayed.

  5. Configure the DeH parameters.

    Table 1 Parameter description




    A region is a geographic area where your DeHs are located. Select the region closest to your services to reduce the latency and improve the download speed.


    An AZ is a physical region where resources use independent power supply and networks. AZs are physically isolated but interconnected through an internal network. To enhance application availability, create DeHs in different AZs.

    DeH Category and DeH Type

    For details about the available DeH categories and types, see Overview.


    Pay attention to the following when configuring the DeH type:

    • The DeH type determines the flavors and quantity of ECSs that can run on the DeH.

    • The Supported ECS Flavors area shows the ECS flavors supported by the DeH type. You can create an ECS of the listed flavor only after the DeH is created successfully.

    Auto Placement

    When Auto Placement is disabled for a DeH, new ECSs with auto placement selected will not be created on the DeH. When Auto Placement is enabled for a DeH, new ECS with auto placement selected may be created on the DeH.

    During ECS creation, you can still manually select DeHs with auto placement disabled to create ECSs on them.


    Tags are identifiers of DeHs. Adding tags to DeHs helps you better identify and manage your DeHs. You can add a maximum of 10 tags to a DeH.

    For details about tag operations, see Tag Management.

    DeH Name

    You can specify the DeH name, which contains a maximum of 64 characters, including only letters, digits, underscores (_), periods (.), and hyphens (-).


    When you allocate multiple DeHs, the system will add a suffix to each DeH name, for example, my_DeH-001 and my_DeH-002.

    Check the total price. If you have any questions about the price details, click Price Calculator to view more information.

  6. Click Allocate Now.

  7. Confirm the configuration information, and click SubmitAllocate Now.


You can view the newly created DeH on the Dedicated Host page. If the DeH is not displayed immediately, refresh the page and wait for a while. If the status of the DeH changes to Available, you can use the DeH.

Follow-up Operations

After a DeH is provisioned, you can perform the following operations as needed: