Disk Capacity Expansion of an EVS Cluster


In conventional scaling, compute and storage resources are coupled. If a company scales out disks, it has to add unnecessary CPUs and memory at the same time. The scaling takes a long time and interrupts services. Disk capacity expansion can quickly increase storage without service interruption. You can increase disk space without having to stop services.


  • Disk capacity expansion can be performed only for standard data warehouses using SSD. Only version and later are supported.

  • Disk capacity can be expanded only if the cluster is in Available, To be restarted, Read-only, or Node fault, Unbalanced state.


  • Hot storage disks cannot be scaled down.

  • Scale up hot data storage during off-peak hours.

  • If the cluster is in the read-only state, a message will be displayed after you click Expand Disk Capacity. After you start expansion, wait until it is completed and the cluster changes to the available state.


  1. Log in to the GaussDB(DWS) management console.

  2. Choose Clusters > Dedicated Cluster. All clusters are displayed by default.

  3. In the Operation column of the target cluster, choose More > Change Specifications and click Change disk capacity. The Expand Disk Capacity page is displayed.


  4. Set the capacity and click Resize Cluster Now.


  5. Confirm the settings and click Submit.

  6. Return to the cluster list and check the disk capacity expansion progress.