GaussDB(DWS) Access

The following figure shows how to use GaussDB(DWS).

**Figure 1** Process for using GaussDB(DWS)

Figure 1 Process for using GaussDB(DWS)

Accessing a Cluster

GaussDB(DWS) provides a web-based management console and HTTPS-compliant APIs for you to manage data warehouse clusters.


In cluster deployment, if a single node is faulty, the abnormal node is automatically skipped when GaussDB(DWS) is accessed. However, the cluster performance will be affected.

Accessing the Database in a Cluster

GaussDB(DWS) supports database access using the following methods:

  • GaussDB(DWS) clients

    Access the cluster database using GaussDB(DWS) clients. For details, see "Connecting to a Cluster" in the Data Warehouse Service (DWS) User Guide.

  • JDBC and ODBC API calling

    You can call standard APIs, such as JDBC and ODBC, to access databases in clusters.

    For details, see "Using the JDBC and ODBC Drivers to Connect to a Cluster" in the Data Warehouse Service (DWS) User Guide.

End-to-End Data Analysis Process

GaussDB(DWS) has been seamlessly integrated with other services on cloud, helping you rapidly deploy end-to-end data analysis solutions.

The following figure shows the end-to-end data analysis process. Services in use during each process are also displayed.

**Figure 2** End-to-end data analysis process

Figure 2 End-to-end data analysis process