Why Should I Use Public Cloud GaussDB(DWS)?

Conventional data warehouses are not practical for smaller enterprises due to high cost, time-consuming device and system selection and procurement, and complex scale-out.

GaussDB(DWS) on the public cloud is the better choice:

  • This cloud service of distributed MPP data warehousing is very open, efficient, compatible, scalable, and is easy to O&M.

  • Developed on the FusionInsight LibrA data warehouse kernel, it empowers public cloud enterprises with better and consistent experience on and off the cloud.

    FusionInsight LibrA is a next-generation distributed data warehousing system with independent intellectual property rights. Currently, it is widely used in government, finance, and carriers. FusionInsight LibrA is compatible with mainstream open-source Postgres databases, especially in Oracle and Teradata SQL statements. GaussDB(DWS) engineers have designed a kernel of hybrid row-column stores not only for faster analysis but also for data processing, such as adding, deleting, modifying data. FusionInsight LibrA features the cost optimizer and warehouse technologies, including machine code vector computing and inter/intra-parallelism for operators and nodes. It uses LLVM to optimize the local code in compilation query plans. More powerful data query and analysis addresses service pain points and improves user experience.

  • GaussDB(DWS) can be used out of the box.

    Applying for GaussDB(DWS) on the public cloud takes only a few minutes, freeing you from the time consuming process of searching for and creating data warehouses. This not only simplifies the procurement, but also lowers the cost and requirements for using data warehouses. Small and medium-sized enterprises with access to GaussDB(DWS) can seamlessly mine data values for their development and form actionable insights.