What Should I Do If I Cannot Connect to a GaussDB(DWS) Cluster?

Possible Causes

Check the following:

  • Whether the cluster status is normal.

  • Whether the connection command, username, password, IP address, and port number are incorrect.

  • Whether the operating system type and version of the client are correct.

  • Whether the client is incorrectly installed.

If cluster connection failed on the public cloud, check for the following as well:

  • The ECSs are not in the same AZ, VPC, subnet, and security group as the cluster.

  • Some of the inbound and outbound rules of the security group are incorrect.

If cluster connection failed through the Internet, confirm the following:

  • Whether your network is connected to the Internet.

  • Whether the firewall blocked the access.

  • Whether you need to access the Internet through a proxy.

Contacting Customer Service

Call the Customer Hotline for support.


Germany: 0800 330 44 44

International: +800 44556600