How Do I Use \Copy to Import and Export Data?

GaussDB(DWS) is a fully managed service on the cloud. Users cannot log in to the background to import or export data by using COPY, so the COPY syntax is disabled. You are advised to store data files on OBS and use OBS foreign tables to import data. If you want to use COPY to import and export data, perform the following operations:

  1. Place the data file on the client.

  2. Use gsql to connect to the target cluster.

  3. Run the following command to import data. Enter the directory name and file name of the data file on the client and specify the import option in with. The command is almost the same as the common COPY command. You only need to add a backslash (\) before the command. When the data is successfully imported, no notification will be displayed.

    \copy tb_name from '/directory_name/file_name' with(...);
  4. Run the following command to export data to a local file. Retain the default settings of parameters.

    \copy table_name to '/directory_name/file_name';
  5. Specify the copy_option parameter to export data to a CSV file.

    \copy table_name to '/directory_name/file_name' CSV;
  6. Use with to specify parameters, exporting data as CSV files that use vertical bars (|) as delimiters.

    \copy table_name to '/directory_name/file_name' with(format 'csv',delimiter '|') ;