How Can I Import Data to GaussDB(DWS)?

GaussDB(DWS) supports efficient data import from multiple data sources. The following lists typical data import modes. For details, see section "Importing Data" in the Data Warehouse Service (DWS) Developer Guide.

  • Importing data from the OBS

    Upload data to OBS and then export it to GaussDB(DWS) clusters. Data formats such as CSV and TEXT are supported.

  • Inserting data with INSERT statements

    Use the gsql client tool provided by GaussDB(DWS) or the JDBC/ODBC driver to write data to GaussDB(DWS) from upper-layer applications. GaussDB(DWS) supports complete database transaction-level CRUD operations. This is the simplest method and is applicable to scenarios with small data volume and low concurrency.

  • Importing data from MRS with MRS as the ETL.

  • Importing data with the COPY FROM STDIN command

    Run the COPY FROM STDIN command to write data to a table.

  • Importing data from a remote server to GaussDB(DWS) using GDS

    Use the GDS data import function provided by GaussDB(DWS) to import data files from a common file system (for example, an ECS).