How Do I Set the Maximum Number of Sessions When Adding an Alarm Rule on Cloud Eye?

After connecting to a database, run the following SQL statement to check the maximum number of concurrent sessions globally:

show max_active_statements;

Go to the Cloud Eye console and set the threshold to 70% to 80% of the obtained value. For example, if the value of max_active_statements is 80, set the threshold to 56 (80 x 70%).


  1. On the GaussDB(DWS) management console, choose Clusters > Dedicated Clusters.

  2. Click View Metric in the Operation column of the target cluster to go to the Cloud Eye console.

  3. Click image1 in the upper left corner on the displayed page and click Create Alarm Rule of the target cluster.


  4. Set Method to Configure manually, Metric Name to Session Count, Alarm Policy to 56, and Alarm Severity to Major. Then click Create.