How Do I Revoke the CONNECT ON DATABASE Permission from a User?


In a service, the permission of user u1 to connect to a database needs to be revoked. After the REVOKE CONNECT ON DATABASE gaussdb FROM u1; command is executed successfully, user u1 can still connect to the database. This means the revocation does not take effect.

Cause Analysis

If you run the REVOKE CONNECT ON DATABASE gaussdb from u1 command to revoke the permissions of user u1, the revocation does not take effect because the CONNECT permission of the database is granted to PUBLIC. Therefore, you need to specify PUBLIC.

  • GaussDB(DWS) provides an implicitly defined group PUBLIC that contains all roles. By default, all new users and roles have the permissions of PUBLIC. To revoke permissions of PUBLIC from a user or role, or re-grant these permissions to them, add the PUBLIC keyword in the REVOKE or GRANT statement.

  • GaussDB(DWS) grants the permissions for objects of certain types to PUBLIC. By default, permissions on tables, columns, sequences, foreign data sources, foreign servers, schemas, and tablespaces are not granted to PUBLIC, but the following permissions are granted to PUBLIC;

    • CONNECT permission of a database

    • CREATE TEMP TABLE permission of a database

    • EXECUTE permission of a function

    • USAGE permission for languages and data types (including domains)

  • An object owner can revoke the default permissions granted to PUBLIC and grant permissions to other users as needed.

Example Operations

Run the following command to revoke the permission for user u1 to access database gaussdb:

  1. Connect to the GaussDB(DWS) database gaussdb.

    gsql -d gaussdb -p 8000 -h 192.168.x.xx -U dbadmin -W password -r
  2. Create user u1.

    gaussdb=> CREATE USER u1 IDENTIFIED BY 'xxxxxxxx';
  3. Verify that user u1 can access GaussDB.

    gsql -d gaussdb -p 8000 -h 192.168.x.xx -U u1 -W password -r
  4. Connect to database gaussdb as administrator dbadmin and run the REVOKE command to revoke the connect on database permission of user public.

    gsql -d gaussdb -h 192.168.x.xx -U dbadmin -p 8000 -r
    gaussdb=> REVOKE CONNECT ON DATABASE gaussdb FROM public;
  5. Verify the result. Use u1 to connect to the database. If the following information is displayed, the connect on database permission of user u1 has been revoked successfully:

    gsql -d gaussdb -p 8000 -h 192.168.x.xx -U u1 -W password -r
    gsql: FATAL:  permission denied for database "gaussdb"
    DETAIL:  User does not have CONNECT privilege.