How Do I Create a Database Read-only User?


In service development, database administrators use schemas to classify data. For example, in the financial industry, liability data belong to schema s1, and asset data belong to schema s2.

Now you have to create a read-only user user1 in the database. The user can access all tables (including new tables to be created in the future) in schema s1 for daily reading, but cannot insert, modify, or delete data.


DWS provides role-based user management. You need to create a read-only role role1 and grant the role to user1.


  1. Connect to the DWS database as user dbadmin.

  2. Run the following SQL statement to create role role1:

    CREATE ROLE role1 PASSWORD disable;
  3. Run the following SQL statement to grant permissions to role1:

    The GRANT usage ON SCHEMA s1 TO role1; -- grants the access permission to schema s1.
    GRANT select ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA s1 TO role1; -- grants the query permission on all tables in schema s1.
    ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES FOR USER tom IN SCHEMA s1 GRANT select ON TABLES TO role1; -- grants schema s1 the permission to create tables. tom is the owner of schema s1.
  4. Run the following SQL statement to grant the role role1 to the actual user user1:

    GRANT role1 TO user1;
  1. Read all table data in schema s1 as read-only user user1.