This section describes the APIs provided by DLI.

Table 1 DLI APIs



Permission-related APIs

You can assign permissions to queues, view queue users, assign data permissions, view database users, view table users, view table user permissions, and view the permissions of authorized users.

Global variable-related APIs

You can create, delete, modify, and query global variables.

APIs related to enhanced datasource connections

You can create, delete, and query enhanced datasource connections, as well as bind and unbind queues, modify host information, and query enhanced datasource connection permissions.

APIs related to elastic resource pools

You can create, modify, query, and delete elastic resource pools.

Queue-related APIs (recommended)

You can create, delete, and query all queues, modify the CIDR block of a queue, restart, scale up, and scale down queues, view detailed information about queues, create and query connectivity test requests for specific addresses, create, query, modify, and delete scheduled scaling plans for queues.

SQL job-related APIs

You can import and export data, submit SQL jobs, cancel jobs, query all jobs, preview job results, query job status, query job details, check SQL syntax, and export query results.

Flink job-related APIs

You can authorize DLI to OBS, create and update SQL jobs and user-defined Flink jobs, run jobs in batches, query the job list, job details, job execution plans, and job monitoring information. You can also stop jobs in batches, delete and batch delete jobs, export and import Flink jobs, create IEF message channels, report Flink job status and callback Flink job actions at the edge, and report IEF system events.

APIs related to Flink job templates

You can create, update, and delete a template, and query the template list.

APIs related to Spark jobs

Creating batch jobs, cancel batch jobs, querying batch job lists, querying batch job details, querying batch job status, and querying batch job logs.