What Is Cloud Search Service?


Cloud Search Service (CSS) is a fully hosted distributed search service based on Elasticsearch. You can use it for structured and unstructured data search, and use AI vectors for combine search, statistics, and reports. CSS is a fully managed cloud service of the ELK Stack and is compatible with open-source Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Cerebro.

Elasticsearch is an open-source distributed search engine that can be deployed in standalone or cluster mode. The heart of the ELK Stack, Elasticsearch clusters support multi-condition search, statistical analysis, and create visualized reports of structured and unstructured text. For details about Elasticsearch, see the Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide.

CSS can be automatically deployed, allowing you to quickly create Elasticsearch clusters. It provides the search engine optimization practices and does not require your O&M. Additionally, it has a robust monitoring system to present you key metrics, including clusters and query performance so that you can focus on the business logic.


  • Compatible with Elasticsearch

    Freely use native Elasticsearch APIs and other software in the ecosystem, such as Beats and Kibana.

  • Support various data sources

    A few simple configurations can allow you to smoothly connect to multiple data sources, such as FTP, OBS, HBase, and Kafka. No extra coding is required.

  • One-click operation

    One-click cluster application, capacity expansion, and restart from small-scale testing to large-scale rollout

  • User-defined snapshot policies

    Trigger backup snapshots manually or configure an automated schedule.