Monitoring Metrics of Elasticsearch Clusters

You can use Cloud Eye to monitor cluster metrics of CSS in real time and quickly handle exceptions. For details about Cloud Eye, see the Cloud Eye User Guide.

Table 1 lists the metrics supported by CSS.

Table 1 Supported metrics




Value Range

Monitoring Interval

Disk Usage

Calculates the disk usage of a CSS cluster.

Unit: %

Used disk space of a cluster/Total disk space of a cluster

0 to 100%

1 minute

Cluster Health Status

Measures the health status of a CSS cluster.


Available values are 0, 1, and 2.

  • 0: The cluster is 100% available.

  • 1: The data is complete while some replicas are missing. Exceptions may occur because the high availability is compromised. This is a warning that should prompt investigation.

  • 2: Data is missing and the cluster fails to work.

1 minute