Public Network Access

You can access a cluster that has the security mode enabled through the public IP address provided by the system.


If public access is enabled for CSS, then EIP and bandwidth resources will be used and billed.

Configuring Public Network Access

  1. Log in to the CSS management console.

  2. On the Create Cluster page, enable Security Mode.

    You can enable Security Mode for clusters in Version 6.5.4 and later versions.

  3. Select Automatically assign for Public IP Address and set related parameters.

    Table 1 Public network access parameters




    Bandwidth of the public network access

    Access Control

    If you disable access control, all IP addresses can access the cluster through the public IP address. If you enable access control, only IP addresses in the whitelist can access the cluster through the public IP address.


    IP address or IP address range allowed to access a cluster. Use commas (,) to separate multiple addresses.

Managing Public Network Access

You can configure, modify, view the public network access of, or disassociate the public IP address from a cluster.

  1. Log in to the CSS management console.

  2. On the Clusters page that is displayed, click the name of the target cluster.

    • Configuring public network access

      If you do not configure the public network access during cluster creation, you can configure it on the Basic Information page after configuring the cluster.

      Click Associate next to Public IP Address, set the access bandwidth, and click OK.

      If the association fails, wait for several minutes and try again.

    • Modifying public network access

      For a cluster for which you have configured public network access, you can click Edit next to Bandwidth to modify the bandwidth, or you can click Set next to Access Control to set the access control function and the whitelist for access.

    • Viewing public network access

      On the Basic Information page, you can view the public IP address associated with the current cluster.

    • Disassociating a public IP address from a cluster

      To disassociate the public IP address, click Disassociate next to Public IP Address.

Accessing a Cluster Through the Public IP Address

After configuring the public IP address, you can use it to access the cluster. The access address is https://public IP address:9200/interface URL.