Binding an Enterprise Project

You must configure an enterprise project for each cluster. If you do not need to distinguish enterprise projects for clusters, you can bind clusters to the default project. For clusters created before the binding an enterprise project feature was released, their enterprise projects were bound to the default project. You can modify the enterprise project based on the site requirements.

Binding an Enterprise Project

When creating a cluster, you can bind it to an enterprise project by specifying the Enterprise Project parameter. For details, see Creating an Elasticsearch Cluster in Security Mode.

Modifying an Enterprise Project

For a cluster that has been created, you can modify its enterprise project based on the site requirements.

  1. On the CSS management console, click Clusters.

  2. In the cluster list on the displayed page, click the target cluster name to switch to the Basic Information page.

  3. On the displayed page, click the parameter value on the right of Enterprise Project. The Project Management page of the Resource Management is displayed.

  4. On the Resources tab page, select the corresponding Region and select Cloud Search Service from Service. In this case, the corresponding CSS cluster is displayed in the resource list.

  5. Select the cluster whose enterprise project you want to modify and click Remove.

  6. On the Remove Resource page, specify Mode and select Destination Enterprise Project, and click OK.

  7. After you complete the preceding steps, you can view the enterprise project bound to the cluster in either of the following ways:

    • Switch to the CSS cluster list, where the value of Enterprise Project for the cluster is changed to the new enterprise project.

    • On the Resource Management page, click Project Management in the navigation pane on the left. On the displayed page, click View Migration Event to obtain the cluster information.