Installing and Configuring the Agent on a Windows Server


This topic describes how to install the Agent on a Windows ECS.


The Agent cannot be installed on Windows BMSs.



  1. Log in to the Windows ECS as an administrator.

  2. Open a browser, and enter the address of the Agent installation package in the address box to download and save the installation package.

  3. Create a directory for storing the installation package (for example, D:\Agent) and decompress the package to this directory.

  4. Double-click the install.bat script to install and start the Agent.

    If Install service success is displayed, the Agent is successfully installed and started.


    After you configure the Agent, its status is still displayed as Uninstalled because no monitoring data is reported yet. Wait 3 to 5 minutes and refresh the page.

  5. On the Server Monitoring page, select the target ECS and click Restore Agent Configurations.

  6. In the displayed Restore Agent Configurations dialog box, click One-Click Restore.

    The Agent configuration is completed.

    If the Agent is in the Running state, the Agent has been installed and has started to collect fine-grained metric data.