Querying IP Addresses of BMSs


Call the required API to query the IP address of the BMS you have created.

Restrictions and Limitations

Pagination query is not supported.

Involved APIs

The following APIs are required:

Querying IP addresses of BMSs


  1. Query IP addresses of BMSs.

    • API information

      URI format: GET /v2/{project_id}/servers/{server_id}/ips

      For details, see section "Querying IP Addresses of BMSs (Native OpenStack API)" in the Bare Metal Server API Reference.

    • Example request

      GET https://{ECS Endpoint}/v2/000efdc5f9064584b718b181df137bd7/servers/5850a7e7-88dd-4d99-8439-347de8cc0dd7/ips

    • Example response

          "addresses": {
              "ddd56db4-e084-42d1-b0ff-fba1ed82abd0": [
                      "version": 4,
                      "addr": ""