AS and Other Services

AS can work with other cloud services to meet your requirements for different scenarios.

Figure 1 shows the relationships between AS and other services.

**Figure 1** Relationships between AS and other services

Figure 1 Relationships between AS and other services

Table 1 Related services





Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

After ELB is configured, AS automatically associates ECS instances to a load balancer listener when adding ECSs, and unbinds them when removing the instances.

For AS to work with ELB, the AS group and load balancer must be in the same VPC.

ELB distributes traffic to all ECSs in an AS group.

(Optional) Adding a Load Balancer to an AS Group

Cloud Eye

If an alarm-triggered policy is configured, AS triggers scaling actions when an alarm condition specified in Cloud Eye is met.

AS scales resources based on ECS instance status monitored by Cloud Eye.

AS Metrics


ECS instances added in a scaling action can be managed and maintained on the ECS console.

AS automatically adjusts the number of ECS instances.

Dynamically Expanding Resources and Scheduled Scaling

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

AS automatically adjusts the bandwidths of EIPs assigned in VPCs and also shared bandwidths.

AS automatically adjusts the bandwidth.

Creating a Bandwidth Scaling Policy

Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

With CTS, you can record AS operation logs for viewing, auditing, and backtracking.

Log audit

Recording AS Resource Operations

Tag Management Service (TMS)

If you have multiple resources of the same type, TMS enables you to manage these resources more easily.


Adding Tags to AS Groups and Instances

Relational Database Service (RDS)

The prerequisites for directly accessing an RDS DB instance from a scaled instance are as follows:

  • The scaled instance and the destination RDS DB instance must be in the same VPC.

  • The scaled instance must be allowed by the security group to access RDS DB instances.

The scaled instances can access RDS DB instances.

Connecting to an MySQL DB Instance Through a Private Network