Metric Monitoring

The Metric Monitoring page displays metric data of each resource. You can monitor metric values and trends in real time, and create threshold rules for desired metrics. In this way, you can monitor services in real time and perform data correlation analysis.


  1. In the navigation pane, choose Monitoring > Metric Monitoring.

  2. Then, click Add Metric and select Dimension or Resource for Add By. Select up to 12 metrics to monitor.

  3. Set metric parameters according to Table 1, view the metric graph in the upper part of the page, and analyze metric data from multiple dimensions.

    Table 1 Metric parameters



    Statistical Mode

    Method used to measure metrics. Options: Average, Minimum, Maximum, Sum, and SampleCount.


    The number of samples equals to the count of data points.

    Statistical Cycle

    Interval at which metric data is collected.

    The statistical cycles that are available for you to select vary according to the time range.

    Time Range

    Time range in which metric data is collected. Options: Last 30 minutes, Last 1 hour, Last 6 hours, Last 1 day, Last 1 week, and Custom.

    Refresh Frequency

    Interval at which the metric data is refreshed. Options: Refresh manually, 30 seconds auto refresh, 1 minute auto refresh, and 5 minutes auto refresh.

More Operations

You can also perform the operations listed in Table 2.

Table 2 Related operations



Hiding/Showing metric data

After selecting a metric, click image1 in the Operation column to hide the metric data in the current graph. To show the metric data again, click image2 in the Operation column. image3 and image4 indicate the statuses of metric data.

Adding an alarm rule for a metric

After selecting a metric, click image5 in the Operation column to create an alarm rule for it.

Copying metric data

After selecting a metric, click image6 in the Operation column to copy the metric data.

Deleting one or more metrics

  • To delete a metric, click image7 in the Operation column.

  • To delete one or more metrics, select them and click Delete above the metric list.

Exporting a monitoring report

Click Export Report to export a metric graph as a CSV file to your local PC.