Application Operations Management (AOM) is a one-stop, multi-dimensional O&M management platform for cloud applications. It monitors applications and related cloud resources in real time, collects and associates resource metrics, logs, and events to analyze application health status, and provides flexible alarm reporting and data visualization, helping you detect faults in a timely manner and monitor the running status of applications, resources, and services in real time.

Specifically, AOM comprehensively monitors and uniformly manages cloud servers, storage devices, networks, web containers, and applications hosted in Docker and Kubernetes, effectively preventing problems, facilitating fault locating, and reducing O&M costs. In addition, AOM provides unified APIs for interconnecting self-developed monitoring or reporting systems. Unlike traditional monitoring systems, AOM monitors services by applications, meeting your requirements for high efficiency and fast iteration. It provides effective IT support for your services, and protects and optimizes your IT assets, enabling you to achieve strategic goals.