Creating a Static Threshold Template

Ensure that a static threshold template is available if you want to create threshold rules based on a template.


You can create a maximum of 50 static threshold templates. If the maximum number has been reached, delete unnecessary templates and create new ones.


  1. Log in to the AOM console. In the navigation pane, choose Alarm Center > Alarm Rules.

  2. Click the Static Threshold Templates tab, and then click Create.

  3. Customize a static threshold template.

    Enter a template name, select a resource type, and set parameters such as Name, Statistic, and Threshold Criterion.


    • Statistic: method used to measure metric values.

    • Threshold Criterion: trigger condition of a threshold alarm. It consists of two parts: determination condition (>=, <=, >, or <) and threshold value. For example, after Threshold Criterion is set to > 85, if the actual metric value exceeds 85, a threshold alarm is generated.

    • Consecutive Periods: If a metric value meets the threshold condition for a specified number of consecutive periods, a threshold alarm is generated.

    • Statistical Period: interval at which metric data is collected.

    • Alarm Severity: includes Critical, Major, Minor, and Warning.

    **Figure 1** Customizing a static threshold template

    Figure 1 Customizing a static threshold template

  4. Click Create.

More Operations

After creating a static threshold template, perform the operations listed in Table 1 if needed.

Table 1 Related operations



Using a static threshold template to create a multi-resource threshold rule

Click Create Rule in the Operation column. For details, see Using Templates to Create Threshold Rules.

Editing a static threshold template

Click Edit in the Operation column.

Deleting a static threshold template

  • To delete a static threshold template, click Delete in the Operation column.

  • To delete one or more static threshold templates, select them and click Delete above the template list.

Searching for a static threshold template

Enter a template name in the search box in the upper right corner and click image1.